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Yixing Shou

Hi, I’m Yixing. I’m a New York-based Visual Designer.



2022 Fall - 2023 Spring

Effective communication of physical pain can often be challenging, even though it serves as a critical signal from our body. Recognizing the significance of pain and precisely describing its various nuances is essential. My thesis aims to build a mobile application that helps track and monitor pain, including location, duration, and intensity as well as any accompanying symptoms.

Through extensive interviews, I discovered that many people struggle to accurately document and communicate their pain experiences, which can pose challenges when communicating with healthcare professionals. Moreover, the feeling of pain tends to fade over time. Through the creation of Paindex, the goal is to let users accurately document each instance of pain as they experience it in the immediate moment.

The app's user-friendly interface enables users to quickly and easily document their pain experiences, including body parts affected, duration, level, quality, and medication intake. The app's range of visuals and analytics helps users better understand the nature of their pain and identify triggers that may exacerbate their symptoms. The app also generates reports for both users and healthcare providers, making it a valuable diagnostic tool.