NYC-Base Product Designer

🙋‍♀️About Me

Yixing Shou

Hi, I’m Yixing. I’m a New York-based Visual Designer.


Yixing Shou, a junior UX designer based in New York City, currently serves as a UI/UX designer at Virufy, where she continually practices her problem-solving skills and promotes cross-functional collaboration within teams.

With a background in visual design, Yixing's design journey began at Parsons School of Design, where she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Design, refining her visual design skills along the way. Venturing beyond the classroom, she delved into interactive art, utilizing HTML/CSS and Javascript to infuse her designs with visual appeal and accessibility, occasionally exploring generative art.

Motivated by empathy for end-users, Yixing is committed to crafting products and services that not only meet their needs but also enhance their experiences. Whether through intuitive interfaces or engaging interactions, her goal is to create a meaningful impact on user experiences.

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